Rezeption & Dokumentation der Werke von Prof. Ingo Mörth/
Public impact of the works of Prof. Ingo Moerth

A119: The Shoe-Lace Breaching Experiment / Ingo Mörth
in: Figurations. Newsletter of the Norbert Elias Foundation, no. 27 (2007), pp. 4-6, auch online (.pdf), © 2007-2009

Berichte (1)
(1) ) "Err ... your shoelace is untied"; Artikel von Marc Abrahams, in: The Guardian, London, Tuesday April 21st

Improbable research: Marc Abrahams on the late Norbert Elias's untied-shoelace experiments

This article was first published on at 00.01 BST on Tuesday 21 April 2009. It appeared in the Guardian on Tuesday 21 April 2009 on p12 of the Education news & features section. It was last updated at 13.21 BST on Wednesday 22 April 2009.
auch online: Improbable research: Norbert Elias's shoelace experiments

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